You’ve already learned a great deal about me.  What else is there to know?

2012 October 14 PTPL 028I’ve been acting on stage for… well, more years than I care to admit.  At one time or another, I’ve performed and/or directed at most of the community and regional theatres in the area.  And I also worked for ten seasons at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire–most memorably, selling pickles.

These days, my main acting job consists of performing one-man shows and storytelling programs with my touring series, Great Tales Live.  (Please see the sidebar for more details.)

I’m also fascinated by Civil War history.  I’ve led almost a thousand walking tours in Gettysburg, I perform as a living history interpreter along the Civil War Trails, and I speak on the Civil War for the Pennsylvania Humanities Council, as part of their “Commonwealth Speakers” lecture series.

Rhonda and Steve (cute)And while I’m driving to and fro keeping up with everything, I love listening to podcasts–in particular, RadioLab and Backstory for non-fiction, and Pod Castle and Escape Pod for fiction.  (Full disclosure: I’ve also narrated stories for Pod Castle, Escape Pod, and PseudoPod.)

I live in central Pennsylvania with my beloved wife Rhonda and a varying number of cats.