Producing the script and narration are done, it’s time to make a video: a feast for the eyes, as well as the ears and the mind.

My first real love in the video world was creating professional screencasts in Camtasia.  I’ve produced demos, tutorials, and promotional overviews for hundreds of websites, desktop applications, and mobile apps.  I love learning a new piece of software, seeing how it can help people, seeing where new users  might get confused, and helping them get the most out of it.  I get to teach; you get happy, confident new users.

You really nailed it across the board: scripting, editing & voice.  – Patrick McNamara,

More recently, though, I’ve developed a passion for “explainer” videos.  Using whiteboard drawings or simple cartoon animation, these short videos (usually just one or two minutes) are a great way to catch an audience’s attention… and their imagination… and communicate big ideas, like your whole vision for your company.  I have one on my homepage, and you should probably have one on yours.

Need something else?  Don’t worry, I also produce photo slideshows, Powerpoint videos, orientation videos, video sales letters, and more.  I don’t have a TV studio, so I can’t shoot live actors on set… but I can help you find great stock footage that might be an easier and more affordable alternative.  And if you do have some live footage, like an interview with your CEO or some testimonials from your customers, I’d be happy to edit them for you.  It’s all part of telling your company’s story.