Promotional Videos

Whether you’re introducing a brand-new software platform, or a major upgrade to a popular package, you need more than a demo.  I’ll work with you to identify your target audience, the problems they need to solve, and the solutions and benefits they can get from your software.  And in the end, your customers will be as excited about your new innovation, as you are.

Below, you’ll find samples of some of my best promotional videos.  Enjoy!

Promo: SnapComms Content Manager 2016

“Steve puts himself in the shoes of our users… takes time to understand the key product benefits… and makes sure the users understand how to maximize value from our tools.  No details are ever missed, and his high professional standards are very much appreciated.  It feels like Steve is part of our team.” – Jane du Preez, Product Manager, SnapComms

A few years ago, I produced a complete set of tutorial videos for SnapComms, an internal messaging system that allows businesses to send important messages straight to their employees’ screens.  Those messages come in many different styles, from popups and scrolling tickers, to interactive quizzes and complete magazines.  So to cover everything, including the reporting features for administrators, took dozens of videos.

Recently, SnapComms redesigned their user interface, so they needed to produce some new tutorials.  And I’m proud to say, they came back to SGAcreative.

Promo: Studio Helper

Studio Helper is a feature-rich online tool for people who run music studios, dance studios, or really any kind of small school.  Users can keep track of their students and teachers, everybody’s availability, when and where they’re holding their classes, who’s paying how much on what schedule, and so forth.

I originally came in to produce one video for them, and wound up staying to write, narrate, and produce a series of 25 tutorials. Then, they asked me to create a promotional video to capture the attention of potential clients.  Which is to say, we needed to instantly establish the fact that this system works for all kinds of different studios, and even in places that don’t call themselves studios at all… while being visual and eye-catching… without getting bogged down… and without taking longer than a few seconds, since the bulk of the video needed to focus on the benefits of the software itself.

So although I’m happy with this whole video, I’m especially proud of the first 30 seconds or so.

Promo: ipsPODs, Productivity Software for Insurance Agencies

I wrote, narrated, and produced this promotional video for ipsPODs, a task-management platform for insurance agencies.  As they put it, “We’re not another funnel; we’re the shovel that fills your funnel.”  Using a combination of screen capture footage, stock photos, and a little bit of text, I found a way to tell their story, while keeping their actual software front and center.