Video Portfolio

Thank you for visiting my online video portfolio.  In the following pages, you’ll find samples of my work in many different kinds of video, from animated explainer videos, to screencast videos, to editing live video, and more..

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E-Learning and Slideshow Videos

Sometimes, all you need is the right images, the right text, and the right voice.  With solid experience as a writer, voiceover artist, and video producer, not to mention 20 years of experience as a teacher, I’m happy to help.

Below, you’ll find samples of my work in a variety of styles, from traditional e-learning courses, to Powerpoint slideshow videos, to PBS-style documentaries.  Enjoy!

Editing Live Video

I don’t have a camera crew to bring to your location.  That’s just not what I do.  But if you’d like to shoot some footage of your own–in your office, on-site, or in a studio–I’ll be happy to edit it for you.  I’ll piece it together, add a fresh voiceover, and make it look and sound GREAT.

Below are just a few of the videos I’ve created, using footage provided by my clients.  Enjoy!

Tutorial Videos

Once you sell your new piece of software, you need to teach your customers how to use it.  With more than 20 years of teaching experience, both in and out of the classroom, I’m uniquely qualified to help.

Please note: Most of the samples below come from complete sets of tutorials, often dozens of videos, covering every feature with the same careful attention.  Enjoy!

Demos for Mobile Apps

In addition to producing videos for desktop software and web applications, I can also showcase your latest mobile apps.  I’ve created promotional videos and step-by-step tutorials for apps running on iPhone, iPad, Android phones, and Android tablets.

See below for recent samples of my work.


Promotional Videos

Whether you’re introducing a brand-new software platform, or a major upgrade to a popular package, you need more than a demo.  I’ll work with you to identify your target audience, the problems they need to solve, and the solutions and benefits they can get from your software.  And in the end, your customers will be as excited about your new innovation, as you are.

Below, you’ll find samples of some of my best promotional videos.  Enjoy!

Animated Explainer Videos

Whether you’re launching a startup, introducing a new feature, or just hoping to spread the word, an animated “explainer” video can work wonders.

SGAcreative provides a complete solution: I’ll write your script, design the animations, record the voiceover, and put it all together, all for a reasonable price.

Below, you’ll find samples of my work for a wide range of clients.  Enjoy!