SGAcreative.com/WritingThe first step towards creating a great video is writing a clear, engaging script.  So if you have a script already, I’ll fine-tune it for you.  If not?  I’ll build one for you, based on your outline, bullet points, or general concept, or just based on studying your business and understanding your customers.

As a published author, a playwright, and an experienced writing instructor, I’m well equipped for the job.  You can see that for yourself; I scripted all the videos you’ll find on this site, along with hundreds upon hundreds of others.

“I loved your stories and I liked how you told them.  I could almost see them right in front of me!  Thanks for making my day.” – A fan

And if you need a tutorial?  I’m not just a writer, I’m an educator.  I spent five years working as a writing instructor and English professor at several top American colleges.  And in the past ten years, I’ve given more than a thousand live, public presentations at schools, science museums, history museums, on walking tours, and more.  So I definitely know how to take dry topics and complex systems, and make them clear, engaging, and understandable.

But I don’t just write video scripts.  I write stage plays, short stories, articles, silly songs; for a while, I even wrote a monthly newspaper column on local history.  Click the links on the right to explore my writing samples for yourself.

Bottom line?  Whenever I set out to write a new script or take on a new project, my mission is simple: I make learning fun.