Narrating I ever got into video, I was earning a living as a freelance voiceover professional (or voice actor, or voice over artist, or simply narrator, if you prefer).

“It’s a very visual style of voice acting. Love it!” – Karim Amrani, 

I’ve done all sorts of narrations: for hundreds upon hundreds of online videos, for radio and TV commercials, for voicemail systems, you name it.  And yes, you can still hire me to be your voice, even if you don’t need a video.

I’ve also dabbled in voice acting: doing character voices, performing in audio dramas and radio plays, that sort of thing.  Even when I’m not behind the microphone, I tell stories with my voice.  I’ve worked for half a decade as a living history interpreter, becoming a voice from the past.  I’ve a thousand live walking tours in Gettysburg, telling the stories of heroes long gone.  And I’ve spoken at schools, theatres, and historical societes all over the place, on a wide range of topics.

“Your reading – wow – we expect good things from you in general, but you really killed in this one!  Thanks so much for being such a reliable and excellent narrator.” – Dave Thompson, Associate Editor, PodCastle

So it probably won’t surprise you to know that one of my greatest passions is narrating audiobooks.  Inviting an audience to sit back, close their eyes, listen to my voice, and let a whole book take shape in their minds?  For me, that’s magic.  And I’ve worked that magic again and again, for all kinds of books: children’s books and fiction, of course, but also non-fiction books on real estate investment, online marketing, financial planning, American history, even the neuropsychology of dreams.  I pride myself on bringing even the driest content to life.

Just imagine what happens when you create a great script, add a powerful narration, and then turn it into a video!