Interactive Demo: Online Billing

Usually, I produce my tutorials one video at a time, one topic at a time.  That way, you can embed each one into the appropriate spot on your website, and direct users to exactly the help they need.

In this case, though, I was asked to create a set of related videos for an online billing platform, complete with an interactive menu to navigate between them.  It took a little trial and error to get it to work properly, but I’m pretty happy with the result.

Mobile Demo: eyeWitnez Emergency App

Although most of my software demos focus on web-based or desktop applications, I’ve also created promotional screencasts for a variety of mobile apps.  In this case, I was asked to explain and promote “eyeWitnez,” an app designed to help people in emergency situations stay calm, organize their thoughts, take photos of their accident, and get help.  I used a combination of screenshots from the app itself and on-screen text to tell the story.

For a very different mobile demo, see my demo for the Todoist iPhone app.

Tutorial: Studio Helper

Studio Helper is an online system designed to help music studios, dance studios, or anyone with a small private school manage their students, teachers, calendar, and invoicing.  They asked me to write, narrate, and produce a whole series of tutorial videos.  In fact, 25 videos in all.

“Thanks for all your help with these videos. I think they turned out really well, and our customers are finding them very helpful in learning the software.” – Brandon Pearce,

This particular video covers part of the invoicing system–which meant, of course, that I had to create a whole slew of sample student records, sample classes for them to be billed for, a sample studio complete with its own logo, and so forth.  I think it turned out rather well–and Brandon was one of the best clients I’ve ever had.

To watch more of my Studio Helper videos, please visit their YouTube channel at

Tutorial: Form Lizard

I created a whole series of tutorial videos for, a site that allows users to replace their old-fashioned paper forms and fill-in-the-blank contracts with easy, online interviews.  Users answer a few questions, and end up with a clean, seamless, customized document, which they can print out or submit electronically.

Since then, FormLizard has brought me back in several more times to create additional tutorials about their newest features.  This is one of those additional videos–specifically, about how to send a form to your client for a signature without wasting paper.

For more samples of my work for Form Lizard, visit their YouTube channel at


Tutorial: Modern Closets Direct asked me to write, narrate, and produce a tutorial video to show new customers how to use their editor to design custom walk-in closets.  The editor provides a lot of options, but they wanted to keep  their video fairly short. 

I like the way this one turned out–especially the ending, where we take the sample design we’ve been putting together and show how it turns into a professional design, and ultimately a finished, real-world closet system.

Also, as with any client whose website has a very distinctive look, I adapted my style so the video would fit in.  Based on early reports, the client (and their customers) seem to like their new tutorial.