Tutorial: Form Lizard

I created a whole series of tutorial videos for FormLizard.com, a site that allows users to replace their old-fashioned paper forms and fill-in-the-blank contracts with easy, online interviews.  Users answer a few questions, and end up with a clean, seamless, customized document, which they can print out or submit electronically.

Since then, FormLizard has brought me back in several more times to create additional tutorials about their newest features.  This is one of those additional videos–specifically, about how to send a form to your client for a signature without wasting paper.

For more samples of my work for Form Lizard, visit their YouTube channel at http://www.youtube.com/user/blueburrosoftware/featured.


2 thoughts on “Tutorial: Form Lizard

  1. I’m the CEO of Blue Burro, makers of FormLizard. I saw this post and wanted to add my endorsement. Steve did a great job for us taking a very rough outline of what we needed and turning it into a very professional set of videos. The videos Steve created for us have played a critical role in FormLizard’s success. I heartily recommend Steve and SGAcreative.com.

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