Mobile Demo: Restaurant App

MITP Apps creates custom mobile apps for a wide variety of businesses.  They asked me to create a video that would demonstrate one of these apps (in this case, an app for a restaurant chain), show off its most powerful features, but also remind viewers that their own apps could be very different, depending on the needs of their particular business.

Mobile Demo: eyeWitnez Emergency App

Although most of my software demos focus on web-based or desktop applications, I’ve also created promotional screencasts for a variety of mobile apps.  In this case, I was asked to explain and promote “eyeWitnez,” an app designed to help people in emergency situations stay calm, organize their thoughts, take photos of their accident, and get help.  I used a combination of screenshots from the app itself and on-screen text to tell the story.

For a very different mobile demo, see my demo for the Todoist iPhone app.