Promo: SnapComms Content Manager

“Steve puts himself in the shoes of our users… takes time to understand the key product benefits… and makes sure the users understand how to maximize value from our tools.  No details are ever missed, and his high professional standards are very much appreciated.  It feels like Steve is part of our team.” – Jane du Preez, Product Manager, SnapComms

A few years ago, I produced a complete set of tutorial videos for SnapComms, an internal messaging system that allows businesses to send important messages straight to their employees’ screens.  Those messages come in many different styles, from popups and scrolling tickers, to interactive quizzes and complete magazines.  So to cover everything, including the reporting features for administrators, took dozens of videos.

Recently, SnapComms redesigned their user interface, so they needed to produce some new tutorials.  And I’m proud to say, they came back to SGAcreative.