Slideshow: Ambassador Promotions

I’ll freely admit, this one was a challenge. Ambassador Promotions and Events, a company that does one-on-one marketing (like street teams, trade show staffing, and in-store promotions), conducts on-the-street surveys, and so forth, waas just about to spin off from their parent company. All they really had for me to work with, were a few dozen photos of their teams (mostly from a distance), and a list of the clients their staff had worked with in the past.

I honestly wasn’t sure how to turn those materials into an effective video… until I noticed two of the photos in particular, obviously taken seconds apart. First, a member of the street team hands something to a passing pedestrian. And then that pedestrian stops dead in his tracks, turns back, and BEAMS.

I’ve already talked on this site about my love of telling stories. Well, that right there? That’s a story. I knew I had to make the video about that moment.