Promotional Video: Late Nite Labs

I recently wrote, narrated, and produced this video for

I tend to get passionate about any project I work on… but this one was special.

I used to work at a science museum doing live demonstrations: making kids’ hair stand on end with static electricity, blowing things up with liquid nitrogen.  I’ve seen first-hand just how powerful the experience of hands-on science can be for kids.  It opens their eyes, helps them understand concepts in a brand-new way, and it really does help them to discover a genuine love of science.

Unfortunately, in high school and college science departments, hands-on labs are becoming less and less common.  The equipment is expensive and fragile.  And in today’s economy, when some schools can barely afford textbooks, buying enough supplies for a whole class to try even one experiment, much less a whole series, just doesn’t happen.

Late Nite Labs provides an alternative: virtual labs.  Students try classic chemistry and biology experiments, going through the same steps they’d use in a real lab, but in a Flash-based web app, instead.  That means they can take their time, they can make mistakes, they can go back and try again, they can even try experiments they’d never have a chance to attempt in real life.  To me, that sounds like a fantastic opportunity.

It took a few rounds of revisions to get the video just right, but I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out–and I’m THRILLED to have had a chance to help promote Late Nite Labs.

Interactive Tutorial: OnSIP

This video–or rather, this set of videos (more about that in a moment)–is near and dear to my heart.  And it’s probably more revealing about me than anything else on my site.

I had already created a whole series of short tutorial videos for OnSIP, a hosted phone service.  But then, they asked me if I was familiar with YouTube’s new “annotations” feature, which allows one video to include links, so users can choose what they’d like to watch next.  And they asked if I’d be interested in using that system to create an interactive tutorial for their new users.

Was I interested?  I grew up playing Zork and reading Choose Your Own Adventure books.  Of course I was interested!

They had a script already… but it was pretty linear.  The viewer could make choices, but those choices didn’t affect anything.  So I asked if I could write a new script, instead.

In the end, I created 30 short videos, and even a flowchart to track how each one would lead to the next.  The tutorial covers the basics of setting up your phone system, of course… but it also allows each viewer to help to create a fictional company–and the nature of the company they end up with, depends on the choices they make along the way.

And what does it reveal about me?  Well, give it a look.  Move through the choices.  (I’d suggest picking Susan, rather than George.)  And you’ll start to discover my sense of humor.

Promo: SkySlope Real Estate

This is a promotional video I created for, a transaction-management system for real estate professionals.

Usually, my process starts with trying to learn enough about a new site or a new software package to write a good script. 

In this case, I’d already created a whole series of tutorial videos for SkySlope.  (You can watch one of them right here on my site.)  So the challenge was not to acquire enough information, but to take the detailed knowledge I’d acquired and boil it down into something that would fit in one short video.

Ultimately, with a little help from the right stock photos, we were able to shift our focus from the software’s individual features, to the benefits for users.  That is, how using SkySlope would actually help  a real estate agent or broker work more efficiently.

Tyler at SkySlope is one of my favorite clients–and I’m proud  to say that he was delighted with the final product.

Promo: Shark’s Den Poker

Shark’s Den Poker wanted a short promotional video that would introduce their family of poker sites to new players–and also to potential affiliates.  These are obviously two very different audiences, which made appealing to them in one video a little tricky.

It took a few revisions to get the script just right, but I think we pulled it off quite nicely in the end.

Tutorial: SkySlope

I’ve created a whole series of tutorial videos for, an online transaction-management sytem for real estate professionals.  This is just one example.

What did they think of it?  Well, since completing their tutorial series, SkySlope has brought me back in again and again–to create a promotional video, to edit some live-action introductions to their site, and to create additional tutorials focusing on their newest features.  So for more samples, you can check out their YouTube channel at

Tutorial: Studio Helper

Studio Helper is an online system designed to help music studios, dance studios, or anyone with a small private school manage their students, teachers, calendar, and invoicing.  They asked me to write, narrate, and produce a whole series of tutorial videos.  In fact, 25 videos in all.

“Thanks for all your help with these videos. I think they turned out really well, and our customers are finding them very helpful in learning the software.” – Brandon Pearce,

This particular video covers part of the invoicing system–which meant, of course, that I had to create a whole slew of sample student records, sample classes for them to be billed for, a sample studio complete with its own logo, and so forth.  I think it turned out rather well–and Brandon was one of the best clients I’ve ever had.

To watch more of my Studio Helper videos, please visit their YouTube channel at