Promo: Real Estate CRM

REthink… is big.  Very, very big.

It’s a real estate CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool for real estate.  In essence, an incredibly powerful database system, where absolutely everything is interlinked and cross-referenced with everything else.  That makes it an extraordinary tool for real estate pros… but also a bit overwhelming for an outsider like me.

Still, REthink needed a promotional video to get the word out to potential users.  (Actually, they needed two videos: one for Residential real estate, and one for Commercial real estate.)

So I studied their site.  I worked with their software–carefully, not wanting to break anything.  I developed a script, got feedback, rewrote it, and so on.  And in the end, we came up with a pair of nicely-tailored videos which seem to be doing the trick.

The moral of the story: that I’m willing to do my homework,  and even if your software overwhelms me, I won’t be scared away.  (And,  I suppose, that I’m glad I’m not a real estate agent.)

Promo: SkySlope Real Estate

This is a promotional video I created for, a transaction-management system for real estate professionals.

Usually, my process starts with trying to learn enough about a new site or a new software package to write a good script. 

In this case, I’d already created a whole series of tutorial videos for SkySlope.  (You can watch one of them right here on my site.)  So the challenge was not to acquire enough information, but to take the detailed knowledge I’d acquired and boil it down into something that would fit in one short video.

Ultimately, with a little help from the right stock photos, we were able to shift our focus from the software’s individual features, to the benefits for users.  That is, how using SkySlope would actually help  a real estate agent or broker work more efficiently.

Tyler at SkySlope is one of my favorite clients–and I’m proud  to say that he was delighted with the final product.

Tutorial: SkySlope

I’ve created a whole series of tutorial videos for, an online transaction-management sytem for real estate professionals.  This is just one example.

What did they think of it?  Well, since completing their tutorial series, SkySlope has brought me back in again and again–to create a promotional video, to edit some live-action introductions to their site, and to create additional tutorials focusing on their newest features.  So for more samples, you can check out their YouTube channel at