Promo: Real Estate CRM

REthink… is big.  Very, very big.

It’s a real estate CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool for real estate.  In essence, an incredibly powerful database system, where absolutely everything is interlinked and cross-referenced with everything else.  That makes it an extraordinary tool for real estate pros… but also a bit overwhelming for an outsider like me.

Still, REthink needed a promotional video to get the word out to potential users.  (Actually, they needed two videos: one for Residential real estate, and one for Commercial real estate.)

So I studied their site.  I worked with their software–carefully, not wanting to break anything.  I developed a script, got feedback, rewrote it, and so on.  And in the end, we came up with a pair of nicely-tailored videos which seem to be doing the trick.

The moral of the story: that I’m willing to do my homework,  and even if your software overwhelms me, I won’t be scared away.  (And,  I suppose, that I’m glad I’m not a real estate agent.)